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ELECT JUSTICE is an innovative model for voter engagement and turnout to empower and mobilize voters of color by providing access to the tools and education they need to get educated about the 2020 elections.

ELECT JUSTICE is combining the power of sports, music, and organizing to drive voters of color most impacted by violence to the polls.

Our Plan

ELECT JUSTICE is leveraging years of culture strategy, community partnerships, and the latest technology to turn out voters of color who are critical to winning in 2020 and beyond.


From addressing gun violence, health care, jobs, policing and prisons, and much more, ELECT JUSTICE is turning out voters of color by focusing on the issues that matter most to us.


We are working with local grassroots partners in Arizona, California, Illinois, Texas, and Wisconsin to reach historically underserved and ignored voters of color by focusing on critically important local races that hold incredible power and directly impact the lives of millions.




Join us as we impact the course of history.


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